Different Materials and How to Engrave Them

Different Materials and How to Engrave Them

Laser engraving is a way to leave a permanent imprint on almost any material. To explain this simply, a laser beam is reflected off tiny mirrors, and this process creates a high degree of heat in places that it touches, leaving a permanent mark. It can achieve a high degree of detail, based on the exposure time of the laser to the material. It can be used to create drawings, designs, and typography on a variety of surfaces such as wood, metal, glass, and fabric. Here are some considerations for engraving the most commonly used types of materials.

Granite and marble

These make for great surfaces to engrave. They work well to make special gift such as a marble slab with a message engraved on it. They make good decor pieces, and they can be hung up on the wall. They are also used to make commemorative plaques and medals, and headstones are generally engraved on using this process. When engraving granite and marble, try to choose a stone that is extremely smooth. The smoother the rock is, the higher quality the engraving will be. Other types of stones that you can engrave on include crystals, natural stones, pebbles, and basalt.

Gift ideas: You can use this type of engraving to make custom-made coasters or decorative plates that carry personalized messages or photos.


All kinds of wood can be engraved on using a laser etching machine. They can capture a great deal of detail. Some things to remember when engraving wood is that the type of wood you choose is important, and you should know what it is. Each type of wood requires different settings on the machine. Harder types of wood need to be worked on for longer. You will also require longer exposure to achieve a darker coloring.

Gift ideas: Wood engraving can make for decorative pieces similar to stone. You can also use it to make custom chopping boards and utensils, as well as stationery.


engraving on metal

This is the most commonly engraved material out there. It is used in a variety of cases such as personalized jewelry, decorative items, items for industrial usage or commercial branding. It is commonly used to engrave soft metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and aluminum. But almost all metals can be engraved on even if they are alloys such as steel. It is possible to also have color markings on metal, so it is important to take into account the purpose of your engraving.

Gift ideas: Metal plates make for great quality custom-printed artwork such as posters and prints. It is also a fun idea to make a custom engraved cutlery set.

Engravings are extremely useful for both industrial and personal purposes. They can be used to make customized merchandise that can help you build your business’ reputation if done right. They also make for thoughtful and personal gifts for any price range. These are just some of the more commonly engraved materials. This should not limit you if you are feeling inspired; almost anything can be engraved on with laser technology.

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