The COVID-19 crisis is far from over, with 22.4 million Americans infected and counting. Despite this, many institutions continue to do business as usual, which is also understandable since the economy needs to recover. And now that there are multiple vaccines currently being rolled out in the U.S., things seem to be on the up and …

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Physically attractive people often get more attention from others. In fact, research showed that both the male and female genders prefer those with good looks when searching for potential partners. It also showed that good-looking people have more chances of getting hired as compared to less appealing individuals. Indeed, beauty plays an important role in …

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Moving to a different country can be both exciting and daunting for anyone. While top executives of multinational companies do this all the time, it’s not easy for an ordinary person to make this type of decision. And the current pandemic only makes the task more challenging with all the travel restrictions imposed by countries …

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As the days go by, and we continue to face the many challenges that come with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are slowly starting to realize that life must go on, albeit differently. For companies, this represents a shift in the way they do business. To remain successful, enterprises must adapt to a new normal. They …

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an assortment of drugs

The Long, Costly Journey of a Drug

Despite the pandemic, some things never change. That includes the growing demand for healthcare and pharmaceuticals. According to Fitch, this industry’s outlook in 2021 will be stable even with the

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Business Industries to Join in 2021

2020 swept through everyone’s lives like a malevolent, slow, and terrifying storm. Beginning with the early wildfires in Australia and California and currently ending in the mad race for an effective

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