When most high school graduates leave for college, there’s a huge chance that they will be moving away from their city and their home and stay in a dorm for the rest of their years in college. Moving away from your hometown, moving into a new place with different people, and the looming pressure of …

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In a world where most things are mass-produced, those that are unique and personalized are more valued. But unless it’s a business on specialized crafts, like a carved furniture shop or maybe a needlework boutique, retail shops would be dealing with mass-produced goods. And if you have an established grocery or department store in your …

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The COVID-19 pandemic and the recession that ensued have brought many businesses to their knees. From larger corporations to small and mid-sized businesses, not many were immune to the effects of the global lockdowns and stay-at-home orders. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable since they don’t have the same resources and privileges that larger corporations enjoy, and they also …

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Music streaming services have transformed the recorded music industry and how people discover and consume music. Over 75 percent of the overall profit of the recorded music industry came from streaming services. Across the world, more than 229 million people are subscribers to different music streaming platforms. This number is projected to increase to 350 …

Music and Money: How Music Streaming Services Revolutionized the Record Music Industry Read More »

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Taking Online Course

Ways to Invest in Employee Education

Investing in your employees’ education has been known to result in a more engaged and productive workforce. This is because allowing workers to develop their skill set and improve their

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